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 Mind Gone VSP


 Mind Gone VSBTS

Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Starting to make music in 1998-99 sometime later he studied the "behind-the-scenes" approach Under the tutelage of Audio Engineer the Late Alexander Evans. He would find his love and passion after writing his first rap dissing a Nemesis who threatened to bring harm to a family member. Always known to be musically inclined he's always been in Choir Classes throughout School and was a "Fan Favorite" to perform covers in school and at family gatherings. While In Cora Kelly Magnet School he would continue to cultivate his penmanship & while in George Washington Middle School he was awarded "Best Rapper for Team 6-2" In Latter time he gained a reputation for being a ferociously lyrical rapper wining battle after battle. In time he Re-Discovered his talent for singing and writing R&B songs. After Graduating High School in Hammond, Louisiana in 2010 He moved to San Diego, California and Attended The Art Institute of Mission Valley-San Diego and studied Audio Production. On the West Coast as where he has lived has truly impacted his music style and sound making him that more versatile as an artist and creator of music. He's been at the music grind for a bit structuring himself as the well-rounded artist that he is today. Even making enough Notoriety to be featured on the 50 Cent driven blog/Website And even More recently on Voyage Baltimore Magazine/Blog and Canvas Rebel (Respectfully) . Get more familiar with the Virginia born artist if you haven't already and check out more of his music (located in Discography) along with following him on his social media links, For up to date music news and info on PVTRK (Patrick)

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