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Then & Now

Then and Now. The New Project.. Why this project after REFLECTIVE Project?

This project has been in the making for some time now. I'm always plotting and planning new ideas, all while I could be working on something totally different. Because I do not like to limit myself as an artist. Why this project because it's time.

You've Been Releasing Music independently, why?

Since I came into this world I had to fight, that's why I call myself the underdogs underdog, I have to fight past dirt and work hard to succeed. I've been releasing music this way because I like the control of it. No one owns me I do. No one Makes the mistakes, I do. No matter what happens. It is me. Authentically Me 1000%

What Makes "Then & Now" Different from previous projects in your catalog

It's a different dimension in the mindset of what I go through in my life on daily basis. Nothing I write is fabricated, it comes from my heart, but I also like to try different sounds and themes within bringing more of me out. Sonically you can't compare this project to any other project that's released. The inspiration behind the project is different; Therefore the sound will be different. This has no theme like other projects. I just wanted to make music.

Will there be any features?

No, no features on this one again. Though I do have a surprise on the project.

Will there be Any Features in the Future?

Yes, for sure. I've had a few noticable features, on previous projects and songs. My close friend/little brother Luie Blue (R.I.P) WaCc3, JaMillions, Vidal Garcia. I hope to be on other projects/songs of other artists as soon as possible. Collaborating is a great way to network.

What's your hope for this project?

That it will bring joy to the listener and bring more to my fanbase. That my fanbase will grow with this project and bring notoriety. I want to be a success, most of all I pray for growth as a artist.

...With determination PVTRK (Patrick) is well on his way. Stay Tuned

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