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Updated: Apr 27

As a Artist Songwriter and Engineer (Hence the name of the brand PVTRK Artist Songwriter Engineer) we have total and control over what we can do. As CEO/Owner I started this at a very young age, and we have total confidence that we will be able to bring what your needs are an artist to light.

As Artists

We know what it takes to be an artist, Inside and outside of the Recording Studio

how to conduct yourself as a true artist with a brand and not just a singer and or rapper.

In the Studio we know what it takes to be the best performer vocally and we can give pointers on how to bring the performance out with action and passion with emotion as if your performing it on stage. To make it short and sweet we can help you and allow you to see your true potential.

As Songwriters

We write material. No, not just a rappers. We know structure, We know what it takes to compose a record from the ground up. Ideas, Drafts, Edits, Productions, Finals and what it takes to Order a song from Verses to Breakdowns Choruses Etc. and even maybe just maybe write songs for you and bring your vision to the next level, At some level most artists have songs written for them, so if need be let us help you in that department.

As Engineers

We have the technical experience, to bring your final material to the light and distribution services of your choice, We have 10 + years of the experience, to bring your track and vocal recordings from unmixed and unpolished to top notch mixed quality. And we also can bring your final mixes to the final stages of production with mastering. The tricks of the trade are in our hands. We may be humble and meek but we can make you a beast, Help us to help you!

But the proof is always in the doing not the saying here's a link of our work on our YouTube channel! Link Below as well as samples of our work on the Book Online section of this website. We hope to hear from you soon.

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