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Who is PVTRK?

Why The Name Change? What Does it Mean?

Since I made up in my mind I wanted to do music, There was many name changes. Once I took Rapping seriously I went by my middle Name Amaziah (Ah-Mah-Zee-uh) derived from The Holy Bible "King Amaziah" from 2 Chronicles then I got tired of people mispronouncing it so I just went by my first name Patrick. After awhile I wanted to re-brand and Keep the name but try something different with the spelling of it. So to Be unique, I gave it a new way to spell and it and see it. Just a way to stand out. So I flipped the A to a V to represent a new way to spell it and represent the State of VIRGINIA where I was Born & Raised. It is Also a positive Acronym. You are what you think therefore; it's a way to keep my thoughts above negative P.V.T.R.K (Phenomenally Vital Thoroughly Ready & Knowing) and most importantly another way to be Artistic. GET IT?.. GOT IT?.. GOOD!

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