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The Real Reason Why I Dress Up Instead of Down

My Fashion Tastes

Dress UP

Now growing up as a young black male in America, you deal with wanting to be in the "in crowd" and peer pressure comes in due to schooling in the urban communities being teased due to Cerebral Palsy (CP). I had to find a way to make my personality shine through to get the attention off of something I couldn't change. And Best Dressed was apart of the plan (aside from musical talent), that would help me if you will to my own environment. My parents worked their asses off to ensure we had whatever we wanted and needed. But as I got older however; hindsight 20/20 as I think and look back on what I've done, My fashion sense was horrible. Clothes were Baggy to the 10th power, pants worn below the waist even with the belt on. Unnecessary money spent on Gym Sneakers and Throwback Jerseys Lol damn the 1990's and 2000's. I feel bad for my father and mother to this very day. And to add insult to injury I would even wear a du-rag with a bandana wrapped around it. I bring all of that to say as a grown man the looks that would get walking to certain places would be not flattering at all. And of course my parents had a distaste for it as well. Long story short I love to take pride as a man in the way I look such as in the generations before when taking pride in appearance was a main priority. As a rapper I had to find a way to stand out in a sea full of other fish trying to stand out and be stars. Every rapper dresses DOWN with a lot of loud pieces of jewelry. So I'd rather take myself seriously and DRESS UP

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